In Kaldus, a clinic is an establishment with one of more doctors in the practice. The patient will go to the clinic when they are ill, or for preventative medicine. They will also go to the clinic to maintain relative care for a condition that they might be suffering.

The clinic must support communications by email, fax, or phone. In addition, tele-medicine must be an option when the case warrants it. This is to allow for the most options in care, and allows for convenience for both the doctor and patient.

There are different clinics. There is Urgent Care clinics which are an alternative to emergency room visits. There is also care clinics, dental clinics, and pain clinics. All clinics serve a role and designed to provide the care needed to the patient.

One thing to note, any time more than 7 days are opioids are recommended, the patient must go to a pain clinic. All prescriptions are sent to the pharmacy electronically. This helps reduce the chance of abuse or fraud.