One Care

One Care is the government healthcare plans. Every person living in the country is covered by the system. One Care covers all necessary healthcare treatments. This gives the government power to negotiate for a standardize set of payments for the procedures and medication. This means there is no $25 charge for a paper pill cup.

Visits to the emergency room when the condition is not an emergency will not be covered by One Care. In addition, non essential medicines, and procedures will not be covered. This will mean the patient will have to cover these costs if they so desire the procedure or medicine. This will keep the costs down, and therefore taxes lower.

One Care will cover preventative care, medication, mental health treatment, addiction recovery, and emergency visits. There are no copays, and no deductibles. There is also no caps on the condition.

One Care is available to all legal residents in the country. The ID card will be used as the healthcare card, and therefore – the ID number will be the patient’s NIN. This keeps things simple, and helps assure there is no abuse in the system.

People employed will pay 5% of their gross income to the One Care system. This will cover them, and any children they have. While this may seem like a lot, what’s worse is not having coverage, and an emergency issue arising. Those in the HHS Welfare program, or those living below poverty will not have to pay into the One Care plan.