HHS will offer housing solutions to low income families. The goal is to get people into homes they can afford to live in and take care of. There will be three programs. The first is Home Buyer Program. The Second is Rent to Own Program, and the third is Select Choice Program.

The first two programs are intended for people wishing to own the home they will live in. In this case, the family members can not have been convicted of a crime in the past 15 years. If they have, they will automatically be placed in the Select Choice Program which is for rental assistance only.

The family must also be willing to fulfill their obligations as for payments go. In addition, they are likely to be responsible for some or all utilities depending on the circumstance. In order for the tenant to pay the utilities, it must be separate so the tenant only pays for what they use. In example, if there is an apartment building with only 1 water line, the owner can not charge water to the tenant. If they however owned the unit, they will be charged an HOA fee which is monthly, and must be affordable for the family.