Rent to Own Program

This program is intended for those that can not afford to put a down payment. However, this program still allows for the family to go to home ownership. This will usually be done through apartments owned by HHS. The process is simple.

The head of the household will apply for residency in an HHS housing complex. Once approved, they will move in, and pay 1/3 of their income for rent. If they were to move out, be evicted, or be convicted of a crime, the money invested will be treated as if it was rent. However, after 15 years, they will automatically own the home they been living in. Since these are properties owned by HHS, there is some profitability. The family will be removed from HHS housing assistance since they now own their home.

This program is best for small families or individuals. Once they own the unit they are living in, they can make modifications to the residence as long as it is within their walls. Some examples will be painting the walls or hanging pictures. However, the owner is obviously responsible for any repairs the unit needs. This means, the family should have saved an emergency fund during the 15 years they were renting.