Foreign NIN

A Foreign NIN is a National ID Number intended for a foreigner (not a citizen of Kaldus). This number is a 12 digit number just like the citizen’s NIN, but is intended to provide for fewer fraudulent activities. One of the things a foreign NIN will do is disclose the citizenry of person in question. This is because every country will have the same first 3 digits of the NIN. Therefore, a person with the first 3 digits being 872 (United States) can not claim for example that they are from the UK (854).

The first three numbers are defined by the country’s ccTLD, and a sequential number afterwards. Again, an NIN is the One Care Number, Telephone Number, Bank Deposit Number, and postal address in select circumstances. This will force the foreigner to at least be honest about their citizenship. The numbers are in this .pdf