The Disability Assistance Program is intended to help those with a Disability to get money necessary to live off of. The person will be required to see a doctor for their disability on a minimum of every three months. DAP can be used on a temporary basis or can be instituted for a permanent basis.

In either case, DAP will provide $1,000 for the person. If they are working, then there will be a reduction in what they receive. In addition to DAP, the person can file for CAP if they have children, and FAP. There is no restriction on savings or money they have kept. What is counted as for eligibility is income. In example, if someone on DAP does not work, they can receive $1,000. If they are able to save $200 per month, they can have $2,400 at the end of a year which ia nor counted against them as this money saved is not considered as income.